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Property valuation
Based on the current market conditions, we will assess the potential rental value of your property, give you advice on letting your property and agree with you the terms on which your property will be marketed.
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Professional Photography
All of our images are taken by professional photographers to showcase your property at its best.
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We will market your property on our website, as well as on property portals such as Rightmove and On the Market. We will display your property in our window displays and where appropriate, we will erect a board outside the property.
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Accompanied Viewings and Feedback
Our consultants will meet prospective tenants at your property and guide them through, whilst discussing finer details with them. They will provide you with regular feedback, advising you of the comments made and of any offers received.
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Finding Suitable Tenants
We have a vast database of prospective applicants which is updated regularly and will aim to let your property to the most suitable tenants as quickly as possible. We will put all offers we receive forward to you, however will guide you when selecting the most suitable tenants for your property. The offer terms will be given to you in writing, detailing all aspects proposed.
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Tenant Referencing and Right to Rent
We use an independent credit referencing agency to carry out vigilant checks on the potential tenants, requesting references from their current landlord and employer. We also carry out the compulsory Right to Rent checks. When necessary we will obtain a Guarantor.
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Inventory and Check In
We arrange an Inventory and Check In with a third party company. It is not a legal requirement to have an Inventory, but it is highly recommended. Additional charges apply.*
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Tenancy Agreement
We will compile a legally drafted Tenancy Agreement between You and Your Tenant for the length of the term agreed, usually 12 months. We will sign the Tenancy Agreement as Agent on Your behalf unless otherwise instructed.
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Receipting Security Deposit
We collect a 5 week Security Deposit from the Tenants which must be held in a Government approved scheme for the period of the tenancy; this is cleared in our account before the tenant moves in to your Property.
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Utilities and Council Tax
Advise the tenants in writing that it is their responsibility to inform the utility companies (Telephone, Electricity, Gas and Water) and the Council Tax office of their occupation. We supply contact telephone numbers to facilitate this.
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Tenancy Extension
We manage tenancy extension negotiations including any rent reviews where applicable. Additional charges apply.*
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Logging Security Deposit
The Security deposit must be logged into an approved scheme within 30 days of the tenants paying the deposit.
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Rent Receipting
We instruct the tenants to set up a standing order for the rent to our account. We then send the rent to you minus our fees and any other deductions, normally within 7 days. We will also send you a monthly statement.
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Fees paid monthly
Should you opt for our Full Management or Rent Collection Service, our fee is taken on a monthly basis spreading the cost over the duration of the tenancy.
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Credit Control
We will pursue rent that is not paid, including written and telephone contact with your tenant. We will liaise with your solicitor if necessary.
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Gas Safety
For properties that have gas, we arrange the gas safety check to be carried out annually (as this is a legal requirement) by a suitably qualified engineer. We cannot let the tenants move in without this. If the gas safety check fails then the works must be completed before the tenants can move in. Additional charges apply.*
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Electrical Safety
We arrange for the electric periodic inspection to be carried out by a suitably qualified engineer. If the inspection fails then the works must be completed before the tenants can move in. We suggest that this is carried out every 3-4 years. Additional charges apply.*
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Check Out
We will arrange the inventory check out at the end of the tenancy and deduct the cost accordingly. We will email the report to you, for you to identify any deductions that may be claimed back from the Security Deposit. Additional charges apply.*
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Electrical Safety Instructions
You must provide instructions for all electrical appliances in the property. We have a booklet containing all basic information for appliance safety which also has information and advice on damp and condensation.
Key Holding
We will hold a full set of keys for your property to enable quick and easy access for our contractors and staff when necessary.
Management Visits
We will visit the property throughout the tenancy and will give you a report after each visit, including photos.
Property Maintenance
We manage routine maintenance works using our approved contractors. Tenants can report their issues on our maintenance application ‘PropertyFile’, by email or by phoning our property management team. We also offer an out of hours service, so tenants have piece of mind 24 hours a day.
Tenancy Matters
We manage all day to day contact with your tenant and all routine matters arising during the tenancy.
Serving of Legal Notices
We will serve any necessary notices required to your tenants.
Deposit Disputes
We will act on your behalf when negotiating the release of the Security Deposit at the end of the tenancy, including arranging for any necessary quotes required.

* Please see our fees for a full list of charges and outsourced services.

Let Only

We offer three levels of service. With all levels of service we will do the following:

  • Prepare property details for immediate marketing strategy.
  • Apply for and gain relevant references in connection with each tenant, and guarantor if applicable.
  • Set up a standing order from the tenants account to the relevant account for the rental payments.
  • Prepare all necessary tenancy agreements and co-ordinate the signing.
  • Collect five weeks rent in advance for a security deposit.
  • Advise the tenants in writing that it is their responsibility to inform the utility companies (Telephone, Electricity, Gas and Water) and the Council Tax office of their occupation. We supply contact telephone numbers to facilitate this.
  • Notices. On receipt of a notice to terminate the Tenancy from the tenant or the Landlord, we would immediately advise the other party of this notice and commence the search for replacement tenants, if appropriate.
  • Renewals. It is most common for periods of one year to be adopted when agreeing the initial letting, but this will vary according to individual requirements. We will contact you approximately three months prior to the tenancy expiry date to see if you would like to renew the agreement. If you do, we will then contact the tenants. If the tenants wish to stay on at the end of their agreement, we will arrange for a new tenancy agreement to be signed by them on your behalf. We will endeavour to seek a rent increase for you at the time of renewal should you require.

Rent Collection

In addition to what is listed above for the let only service, we will also:

  • Collect the rent. You will receive the rent and a statement within 7 working days of the rental due date.
  • Transfer the deposit to the deposit protection service free of charge.
  • Arrange gas and electricity checks when required.

Full Management

Managing a property is extremely time consuming and requires up to date knowledge of the housing regulations and lettings law. Being the most popular choice for our landlords, our property management service is a stress free option to letting your home. We manage properties for landlords living overseas and also for landlords with a portfolio of properties in the area.

Our experienced Property Management team have a wealth of knowledge which is developed regularly. We have a team of trusted, reliable contractors at hand to assist on any maintenance issues that arise. In addition to what is listed above for the let only and rent collection services, we will also:

  • Organise Energy Performance Certificates.
  • Handle all planned and emergency property repairs.
  • Arrange payment of routine out goings on your behalf.
  • Attend to all communications with the tenants.
  • Deal with furniture requirements.
  • Carry out regular property visits and report findings back to you.
  • Arrange the check-out at the end of the tenancy.
  • Manage any deposit deductions at the end of the tenancy and oversee any deposit disputes.

Basically, you can sit back and relax whilst we take care of everything.

If you have anymore questions, please get in touch with us.


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